Top toilet manufacturers around the world

Which toilet is the best? There are many different brands of toilets on the market. Some offer a lower cost, others provide special features such as heated seats and bidets. If you are looking for the best toilet possible, this article will review some of the top toilet manufacturers around the world so that you can find one that suits your needs and budget.

Did you know of their manufacturers, who are at the top of their game to provide sanitary comfort to us? That is why, we are here with the list of toilet manufacturers around the world, selected out of the best in a bunch.

Names/ lists of the countries with the most popular toilet manufacturers

Toilets manufactured in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, and China are contributing to global sanitary comfort. We will be discussing these top manufacturers today.

Top Toilet Manufacturers and Companies in the USA

Top toilet brands of the USA are listed below:

American Standard

The company was founded in 1875 and was merged with other small plumbing manufacturers in 1899 to form the ‘Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company’.

Then in 1929, the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company merged with American Radiator Company and formed the ‘American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company’ which then used the corporation name that we know today as “American Standard”.

The corporation name “American Standard” was adopted in 1967.

Delta Faucet

Founded by Alex Manoogian in 1954, Delta Faucet introduced a first ball valve single handle faucet. Now, an extensive line of high efficiency toilets residential and commercial faucets, and bathing products have been made by them. Amongst them, various types of elongated, round front and concealed trapway options are available to browse through their standard toilets.

Kohler Co.

The company was initially named ‘Kohler & Silberzahn’ which used to make plows and other farm implements. And the beginning of modern-day Kohler plumbing fixture of toilets, along with faucet line, shower doors, etc was in 1984.


Saniflo has garnered a lot of eyes for its small size of upflush toilet, which looks great and performs even better. With the use of above-floor technology in Saniflo pumps, these compact sizes of toilets can be installed in a small bathroom and remain durable.


Woodbridge claims to distribute the top quality kitchen and bathroom products with a variety of toilets, toilet seats, bathtubs, bidets, shower base, wall panel, faucet, vanities that best suits the needs of their customers while maintaining the quality of their products.

Top toilet manufacturers of UK

Top toilet brands of the UK are listed below:

Armitage Shanks

This brand has been a professionals choice and is the most widely recognized choice when it comes to picking a sanitary ware brand in the UK. They don’t just manufacture luxurious bathroom experience, bathroom fixtures, but also plumbing fixtures.

Ideal Standard (UK) Limited

Their subsidiary brand is Armitage Shanks. Together with the manufacturing of domestic bathroom products, Ideal Standard is one of the most renowned brands of bathroom products that work well with the modern way of living. They also work with collaborating with leading architects, construction firms, urban designers, and leading universities to sharpen how to carve human needs with impeccable design for the better.

Twyford Bathrooms

  • Years: 1849 – Present
  • Headquarters: Alsager, Cheshire, England
  • Founder/ Parent Company: Thomas Twyford and Thomas William Twyford
  • Website:

There is essentially what the brand calls the Twyford philosophy which is “for life”. And that philosophy is what guides them to design their products which last a lifetime, are designed to enhance your everyday life, and is well designed by a company with a lifetime worth of experience.

Roper Rhodes

  • Years: 1979 – Present
  • Headquarters: Brassmill Lane Trading Estate, Bath
  • Founder/ Parent Company: Brian Roper/ The Roper Rhodes Group
  • Website:

They design bathrooms that are easy to clean, but they never lose the touch with the highest quality of production, as well as easily accessible parts to repair as well. The look of sophistication while keeping up with their customers’ needs goes hand in hand.

Top toilet manufacturers of Canada

Top toilet brands of the Canada are listed below:


  • Years: 2015 – Present
  • Headquarters: Montreal
  • Founder/ Parent Company: the KOLLEZI company
  • Website:

Built-in Montreal, with the name an amalgamation of Italy and Germany, use Italian and German expertise of materials in creating their bathroom range. They make innovation their heart of their strategy that develops high-performance products.

Ove Decors

  • Years: 2005 – Present
  • Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec
  • Founder/ Parent Company: Family-owned Ove Decors
  • Website:

Ove Decors Family-owned Ove Decors. In Dorval community of Montreal, Quebec, Canada

With the multi-facet of products that they create, their mission is “Design. Innovate. Inspire”. The modern and sleek designs of their bathroom fixtures deliver a high-end designer finish to their exceptional products.

Aqua Brass

They claim that what sets them apart from others in the bath and kitchen industry is that they add functionality to their bathroom and kitchen solutions. The expertise and craftsmanship are also what they add to their exclusive creations. They do their plating and also commission artists. Their passion for design pushes through with such movements.

Top toilet manufacturers of Australia

Top toilet brands of the Australia are listed below:


  • Years: 1989 – Present
  • Headquarters: Queensland
  • Founder/ Parent Company: Stephen Brewster
  • Website:

Their products are economical to use, are 100% Australian based and they undergo rigorous testing to make sure the longest warranty providing forte is theirs to hold. Because they comply with stringent Australian Standards, they are the first choice in bathroom products when it comes to quality and value.


Their releases and their upcoming releases hold the stories of hard work, ingenuity, quality workmanship, and enterprise keep this brand and their products stay afloat in everyone’s choices.


They made quality kitchen and laundry sinks, then extended to bathroom supplies and they haven’t stopped ever since. Their in-house design team created and engineered products to be thoughtfully simple and smart enough to add style to their products despite their budget.

Top toilet manufacturers of India

Top toilet brands of the India are listed below:


  • Years: 1960 – Present
  • Headquarters: Manesar
  • Founder/ Parent Company: Jaquar Group Company
  • Website:

They cater to various segments of the bathroom and lighting industry, and their brand Jaquar has added luxury and premium segments to the industry through its value, quality, and aesthetics of their products.


  • Years: 1960 – Present
  • Headquarters: Gurugram
  • Founder/ Parent Company: Hindustan Sanitaryware & Industries Limited
  • Website:

Their products help you solve the dilemma of thoughtful versus beautiful, which is what you will see when you visit their website. Their sanitary ware brand is an infamous brand in India that brings their expertise on interior fashion design and brings it to life into their products which ensure quality.


  • Years: 1980 – Present
  • Headquarters: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • Founder/ Parent Company: Headed by Chairman Vikram Somany
  • Website:

Cera claims itself and prides itself in being the leading provider of complete home solution products ranging from sanitaryware to shower enclosures. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to the quality of the home that we live in.

Top toilet manufacturers of China

Top toilet brands of the China are listed below:

Foshan OVS Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

  • Years: 2014 – Present
  • Headquarters: Foshan, Guangdong
  • Founder/ Parent Company: Eva Wong
  • Website:

They manufacture ceramic sanitary ware products in their factory using their fire clay and ray materials. Quality is a big thing for them, so the makers of their products polish every basin and toilet by hand to keep it straight and flat, then they check half-finished products one by one to ensure no flaw.

Xiamen ZIAX Sanitaryware Co. Ltd 

Their products go through thorough checking of quality control and also publish their factory inspection reports to show their transparency in their work. Their main products are toilet seats, durable toilet, and bathroom accessories to deliver the best quality of bathroom essentials.

Top toilet manufacturers of Germany

Top toilet brands of the Germany are listed below:

Villeroy & Boch

Timelessness is their essence, which is visible in the quality and design of their products. Even though they are a big name for ceramics production, their innovative thinking tendencies have lead them to extend their product development into plumbing fixtures of toilets, bathroom wellness too. And their edge of timelessness in its ageless design, high quality, and oasis-turning toilets and bathroom products will be the first thing you notice about them.


  • Years: 1817 – Present
  • Headquarters: Hornberg, Germany
  • Founder/ Parent Company: Duravit AG
  • Website:

Their main way to go towards manufacturing designer bathrooms and their interior having an aesthetical edge to it is by focusing on its quality, design, and technology. These three core competencies unite and excel in what is today more than 200 years worth of glory secured.


They are a leading global brand that provides complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings. It was the first in its industry to win the German government’s CSR prize and was also featured in the renowned Fortune® magazine’s ranking of Top 50 that are “Changing the World” which is why the transparency and openness that is within the employees of the team only help build their products to witness complete solutions for bathrooms and kitchens

Top toilet manufacturers of Japan

Top toilet brands of the Japan are listed below:

Toto Ltd.

  • Years: May 15, 1917 – Present
  • Headquarters: Kitakyushu, Japan
  • Founder/ Parent Company: Morimura Group
  • Website:

Toto is a world-renowned company that delivers products and services to improve the cleanliness, comfort, and convenience of residential and non-residential spaces. They have lent their work ethics into an environmental vision too that establishes their foundation which suits the modern age.


  • Years: 1924 – Present
  • Headquarters: Tokoname, Aichi
  • Founder/ Parent Company: Lixil Group
  • Website:

Best known for its expertise in shower toilets, this establishment reflects its deeply ingrained tradition of innovation in their toilet designs through ceramic tiles and its aesthetic too. As much as they deliver their reputation-heavy quality in their products, these products are a pleasure to the eye.

Top toilet manufacturers of Italy

Top toilet brands of the Italy are listed below:


The first-ever Italian company with extremely flat surfaces makes their systems suitable to fit into every kind of bathroom while being synonymous with excellence, reliability, talent, and innovation. For Catalano, Italy’s originals are synonymous with the aforementioned sentiments and they bring its representation through their inimitable craftsman which constantly faces evolution at its best.

Antoniolupi Bathroom

Their collection of products will give a contemporary bathroom well-furnished look backed up with the sustainability of the products that they create. Even its initial days were shining with the production of mirrors and crystal bathroom accessories which until today is visible in the aesthetics of the products they create (meaning that the look of their collections is chic and appealing to the eye).

Top toilet manufacturers of Korea

Top toilet brands of Korea are listed below:

Daelim Batos

Daelim Batos teamed up with INAX of Japan initially, but INAX was dropped off and in 2007, was officially renamed in Daelim Batos that exists today. They transformed the standard traditional wet bathroom into a dry bathroom, and its delivery and installation being super quick, not forgetting the ease of its maintenance, the brand has quickly taken place in people’s choices.

Saturn Bath

Saturn Bath has well-led the Korean bathroom industry, being the company to establish the Bathroom Culture Institute as the first industrial institution for bathroom supplies to develop products to accelerate convenience for the consumers. They were also the first ones to build a cabinet made from a premium synthetic plastic material in Korea. They have enhanced the quality and comfort in the industry and are well-acknowledged for it too.

The list is longer than this, so if you’d like to know more about a specific country, do let us know in the comments.

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